Jerk Me! – Jamaican Seasoning

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Jerk Me! Jamaican Seasoning blend is lovingly formulated by Sunyatta in honor of her family’s restaurant, Charlie’s, in Maypen area of Jamaica.

Jerk is a blend of spices originally used by the Arawak Native Americans as a rub for poultry, pork and hardy veggies to preserve them and in preparation of wrapping them in banana leaf and laying them in the ground on a bed of hot coals. They are then buried and unearthed after a full day of being smoked – tender, juicy and perfectly infused with spices.

Our ‘Jerk Me!’ blend is a veritable carnival of aphrodisiac spices – with just the right amount of warmth (not too hot)!

A savory blend of organic Jamaican allspice & nutmeg, Scotch Bonnet Pepper, garlic, green onion & more! Use it to easily add that exotic spark to many of your favorite dishes or as a rub.

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