Aunt Gem’s Jamaican Secret Curry ~ Seasoning Blend

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The #1 Calabash shop favorite spice blend! We sprinkle it on popcorn – kids of all ages love it!

‘Aunt Gem’s Jamaican Secret Curry’ seasoning blend is designed by Sunyatta in honor of her Aunt Gem – best cook in her family & owner the very popular ‘Jamaican Secrets’ restaurants – and whose father owned the famous ‘Charlie’s’ in Jamaica.

Aunt Gem’s Jamaican Secret Curry is a veritable carnival of aphrodisiac spices – with just the right amount of warmth (not too hot)!

A tantalizing blend of turmeric, coriander, cumin, cayenne and more! Use it to easily add that exotic spark to many of your favorite dishes.Try a dash in potato salad, popcorn, greens, soups or sprinkle into a stir fry add in to tease your dinner guests’ palates.

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