Negash Hotep 3.0 Boot Green (Limited King Kush Edition)

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Kushite kings Ruled Egypt

The Kushite king Kashta arrived in Egypt amid political disarray to claim the office of pharaoh, apparently at Thebes and apparently peacefully. He was the first of the Nubian line of kings who ruled as Egypt’s 25th dynasty (747–656 BC). Piye, the following King, carried the conquest of Egypt to the Nile delta, responding dramatically to a threat from a combination of powerful dynasts to the north. He created an empire that stretched from the 6th cataract to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Green Hotep 3.0 Edition is made with Premium leather consisting of a suede tongue and suede collar with patent leather rear and waterproof mesh. They will feature the Hieroglyphics on the strap like the 2.0 edition. This edition will also include a customized sole embedded with Deshret Crowns at the bottom leaving royal tracks in the snow or sand. This Edition focuses on comfortableness as we widen the toe area just a little to support those with wider feet.

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