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AH Lip and Body Butters are handmade, natural Shea Butter based topical moisturizers that hydrate thirsty skin leaving you feeling soft, radiant and luxurious.

All natural ingredients ensure a healthy, nourishing infusion designed to heal dry, cracked, damaged skin from everyday punishments to chemotherapy treatments. Safe for lips, hands, feet, scalp and every part of the skin you’re in.  

Size: 2 oz.

Coconut Pineapple- This is our top seller everyone loves the pina colada smell. It absorbs quickly with the coconut and pineapple oil blend without the greasy feeling and look this body butter is loaded with avocado and jojoba oils to give your skin a feast.

Mango- Pamper your skin with our mango body butter blended with refined Shea butter and jojoba oil leaving your skin soft and smooth with a pleasant mango scent.

Peppermint-Treat your tired hands, feet and revive your sore knees, feet with our peppermint body butter with a great mix orange oil added.

Unscented- Gentle enough for a baby, our unscented body butter and its amazing combination of shea butter and aloe oil aid in nourishing and conditioning your dry skin without any irritation.

Lavender- Our lavender body butter is soothing and relaxing. Perfect as an after shower moisturizer for bedtime and rubdowns. Our customers have found this scent to be a help with moisturizing and improving skin's appearance after chemo treatment.

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