Herbaceutikuls Ready to Go Survival Pack

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The most basic and essential items every family and individual should have on hand for holistic self care. The pack provides you with:
~1oz jar of Decongestion Vapor Rub that is 100% natural with no plastics or chemicals. The strong blend of essential oils can be applied to congested sinus cavities as well as to the soles of the feet and pressure points.
~1oz jar of Healing Skin Salve to treat minor wounds, cuts, bruises, sprains, psoriasis, eczema, burns, bites, lubricant and other irritations of the skin.
~1oz jar of Protective Skin Cream which is excellent for protecting and nourishing severely dry or damaged skin that has become irritated; skin that is constantly exposed to moisture (diaper cream); skin that is constantly exposed to any harsh elements or substances. Blended for the most sensitive skins with 3 pure ingredients.
~15ml of pure Echinacea extract 100% organic as well. Excellent for boosting the immune system as well as disinfecting wounds.

Contents come in a cotton muslin bag which can also be used for infusing herbs.
Pack comes with a Plant Guide as well as more information on each product in the kit.
Organic ~ Fair Trade ~ Ethical

Stay Well & Enjoy!

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